The pace of life is getting faster. And we have no time to notice things around us and register them emotionally. We often don't think about what we eat and what we drink, who we talk to or where we are going. All that, all that we close our eyes on, I left blank. Those void shapes on the paintings - shapes of people, houses and objects are there to remind us that we've become indifferent to them. The titles of paintings also point out to the same. There is no difference to us what wine is in the glass - whether it's dry or semi-sweet - it becomes "semi-tasty". "The Not Working Class", "The Queue", "Faceless" – these are all about people around us. About those who we we no longer want to notice. Blank silhouettes that run right by us. We know nothing about them. Because we pay no attention to them, to ourselves, to everything around us.To stop by the painting – it's the first step. I believe that an acute viewer will learn to look and feel all that and all those that make up his life. And by doing so he'll fill in the voids.
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