Lost faces
June 2013. Participation in exhibition STUDENT Art Prom in "Artplay" showroom of the contemporary art. Moscow.

February 2013. Personal project in museum of Bulgakov. Moscow.

Lost faces."So, the genre of portrait is somewhat on the intersection of different ways of describing a human essence. In this sense a portrait is only a document capturing one face or another, it is also an imprint of cultural language of the time and personality of its creator." Y.Lotman.In the world where images follow you everywhere they also serve as a proof of your existence. Your passport photo, ID card, driving license – they all prove that you are not a fake. Avatar in a social network is not necessarily your portrait, but what you are, your essence, something that people who will never meet you face to face will judge you by. The biomass which is majestically distributed by Nature, God, genetics – everyone can chose what suits them best – can be adjusted in case you aren't content with it. We all know what beauty looks like, media images constantly remind us of it from TV, advertising, magazines or internet. Somewhere in the periphery of our consciousness the long forgotten "to lose your identity" now only exist in our childhood, in pseudohistorical novels of Hugo. Children grown up. XXI century: "prominent individuals" at the personal development training, "be yourself" in the magazines, "have active social position" in the political posts on Facebook. But in the reality, be it a life of an individual, a country, or a planet, sometimes for different reasons breakdowns happen. Each of us can feel it with own skin, can't find a place, desperate for action, senses that The Moment has come. And that is then when you meet Yourself, see your true face. You can only lose what you have. Although, perhaps, your illusion of your face is now lost and it became obvious it never existed. Who are they, those mysterious characters of Anastasia Georgievskaya series "Lost Faces"? Russian society in the new political realm, global consumers, confused individuals…

Curator - Yulia Pronina (Moscow Museum of Modern Art)
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