The pandemic period challenged and concerned every person in the world.
Consciousness of one being a part of the nature that is stronger than us expanded.
The closure in the cell of the industrial world. Hopelessness. Suspense of timelessness period.
Feeling nakedness and insecurity towards the natural world and social systems - my performance on the shores of the Indian Ocean is the refection of these processes.

The pandemic took me by surprise on the island of Sri Lanka. The lack of artistic resources and instruments mixed with strong will to self-express, prompted me to choose performance as the main art means.The metal structures that I preserved after previous exhibition, became the only other available material for me to create.

Being under water in an iron cube cell, I experienced strong emotional and physical experience, staying there for as long as possible. To deprive myself of air as the most necessary means of existence was to understand the value of the ability to simply breathe. Diving under water became an allegorical statement about the impossibility to breath normally in a protective mask.

Refection of the ongoing pandemic events led me to the idea of creating this installation
Now and here
In 2021, the book "CORONART" was published in Berlin. There presented works of 300 artists from different countries. Their projects are about the pandemic period. The "Inside" project is also presented in this edition.